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Right of Way Rules for Paraglider Pilots in The Bay Area

San Fransisco Bay Area Paragliding Right of Way Rules When we’re paragliding here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re hardly ever alone. On a busy day at Mussel Rock there can be as many as 40 other paragliders in the air. To keep yourself and others safe, it’s important to follow right of way […]


Safety When Paragliding in San Francisco With Us

Lets be honest. As adventurous and exciting as it may look to go paragliding in San Francisco¬†with us, there’s probably a part of you asking whether it’s safe or not. After all, you’ll be hanging under a piece of nylon by a bunch of strings. This is a reasonable concern and we’d like to explain […]


Video: Thrilling Adventure in the Bay Area

When we take people tandem paragliding in the Bay Area who have never flown before, we’re usually told that the experience is more peaceful and relaxing than they were expecting. This is absolutely correct. The views from 20 to 1,000 feet over the ground are spectacular and the ride is generally smooth. You’re able to […]


Hiking in the Bay Area – Spots to Hike While Waiting to Fly

A number of flying sites are adjacent to hiking trails. Here’s some of the best.


Sarah and Mike’s First Tandem Paragliding Flight (Video)

Check out the video from Sarah and Mike’s first tandem paragliding flight!


Things to Do in San Francisco After You Fly

Ready to unwind after a great flight? Here’s our list of great Bay Area hotspots.